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COVID Friends Story

The COVID Friends quilt design is currently (as of June 5, 2020) a Stitchin' Tree work in progress.  As the pandemic continues to sweep across America, the story of the pandemic is ever changing and evolving.  Take a look at what they have proposed for the COVID Friends quilt -- additional blocks may be added as the actual story evolves.

The quilt will include many different fabrics -- whatever you have in your stash or can exchange with others.  We recommend that you use a consistent background fabric to help give your eyes a rest and provide a common link amongst the blocks and setting units.  We've included images of several colors of background to give you some ideas when planning your quilt.
White Background Black Background Gray Background
Lt. Gray Background Cream Background  Taupe Background
And here are the blocks that Stitchin' Tree is proposing for the quilt...  Remember, they could have some changes before the quilt is complete.  In some cases, the blocks are public domain designs with known names.  In other cases, they have created a block to fit the story.  They have designed 10 blocks, but you will only need 9 for your quilt, so you get to choose the blocks that resonate most with you.

This story begins in Wuhan China... 
Chinese Lantern block

Travelers from China arrived in the
US and opened a Pandora's Box.
Pandora's Box block

And soon, the pandemic found
its first metropolitan epicenter
-- the Big Apple, New York City
Apple block

Soon we heard the sad stories of babies who were separated at birth from their mommies 
Baby Bunting block

And very quickly, we were pressed into service to make masks for health care workers and other heroes.
Mask block
Lacking the option to hug each other, the hand symbol of the heart has become a common sight.
Heart block

Historically, crises cause people to
renew their faith, but the pandemic kept us out of houses of worship and away from our faith families.
Cross block

In the midst of the pandemic, a tragic murder occurred spotlighting centuries of racial oppression.
Anvil block

Social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine have become our new normal.
Attic Window block

And throughout the pandemic,
we've made new friends in new ways.
Friendship Star block

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